Consuming Fire Ministries
2080 Sarno Rd., Melbourne, Fl. 32935       Phone: 321-622-4400      [email protected]

A Family Worship Center
A Kingdom Ministry College
An Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry

Paneh is the Hebrew word translated "Presence" in the Bible, an exact translation is "FACE". In Genesis 3:8 Adam and Eve hid from YHWH's FACE. Our desire is to be found face to face with YHWH. For this reason we are seeking musical Worshipers that can lead YHWH's people into an encounter with Him every Sunday morning.

We serve Him with songs that usher in his presence, some by Bethel, Rick Pino, Steve Swanson, Catherine Mullins and others who have tapped into a deeper level of worship.

If you play any instrument and desire to be used by the Lord in a deeper and satisfying way come and join us at Consuming Fire Ministries. Our requirements are simple: 1. You must be born again and 2. you must be a worshiper. We have a Yamaha Custom Stage drum set, and a Yamaha Motif XF6 88 Keyboard. All we ask is that you ask the Father if is this is where you need to serve. May His Face shine upon you.